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LEPHALALE — The Lephalale Development Forum (LDF) had its main forum stakeholder meeting on 7 September at the Marapong Library.
Approximately 60 stakeholders attended the meeting in anticipation of feedback regarding various development matters in the Lephalale area.
According to Jacques Snyman, LDF Coordinator, these quarterly meetings give members of the Lephalale community an opportunity to find out what progress is being made with future development plans. He says it is also an opportunity to network with the various role players. “These interactions ensure that everyone is informed and that projects and initiatives are aligned and synchronised to get the biggest positive impact for our communities,” he said.
The SIP01 team updated the meeting on progress made with the relevant Lephalale related large infrastructure projects, which form part of the overall infrastructure development programme driven by government. They also reflected on the specific number of jobs created within the last quarter. Specific feedback was given regarding further progress that was made with the MCWAP2 project. The start of this project, which will deliver additional water to the Lephalale area, is imminent.
The Medupi Leadership Initiative Project (MLI) introduced the conceptual plan for a “creative village” planned for the Marapong area.
This project includes a focus on arts, culture, urban farming, support to the Lephalale Green City development programme, sports talent development, a marketplace and social enterprises for community development and integration.
Snyman says a central hub for the organisation of all the various concepts is also planned.
The Bushveld Jazz Festival 2017 was introduced to stakeholders and specific partnerships were proposed with stakeholders.
According to Snyman, an attendance of around 20 000 people is expected for this year’s festival.
A sustainable Agri-Tourism concept was presented to attendees and the concept will be considered and integrated into the Agri Masterplan implementation plan.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa (MHPSA) gave details about the numbers and level of local skills development, as well as local business development that took place as part of their development initiatives.
Lephalale Local Municipality (LLM) presented the current draft Spatial Development Framework (SDF) as well as the Land Use Scheme (LUS) to stakeholders.
It was emphasized that there is still opportunity to contribute and comment on these plans for the next 14 days. Interested parties can enquire at the Lephalale Library for more information.
The meeting was ended off by the Evergreen Arts Group who presented the services that they can deliver to stakeholders in the area. This inspiring youth group can deliver a full industrial theatre production while using local talent.
 (The Evergreen Arts Group is very talented and indeed something Lephalale can be proud of – Editor)

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