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Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — The Municipal infrastructure, housing and spatial planning working group recently held a meeting discussing actions and decisions to be taken.
Mogol Post spoke to Jacques Snyman from the Lephalale Development Forum (LDF) who acts as coordinator. He said the tender for the bulk water supply to Marapong has been advertised and the project is in phase one. The tender for a construction contractor for the replacement of the asbestos water pipes has also been advertised and the closing date for tenders was 23 November 2015. This is a long term project to be completed over approximately five years.
One of the new projects is the Albert Street Hawker’s Stalls project. The tender for paving is in the market and Lephalale Municipality will fund paving of approximately 10 000 m². Additional support is requested from other stakeholders.
The Marapong taxi rank project is still in a proposal stage and the feasibility yet to be determined. A draft design is requested from architects.
According to stakeholders, there are housing needs for the next three to four years – between 250 and 800 housing units are required for the period quarter four 2015 to quarter four in 2019. According to Snyman, they are waiting for proper feedback from the urban development steering committee.
The Social Services Working group (consisting of members from the LLM as well as the LDF) also had a meeting where some of their projects were discussed and decisions were made.
The Steenbokpan Health Impact Assessment (HIA), sponsored by Resgen, is completed and the report is being processed.

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