Leopard’s life saved after caught in snare

The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s (EWT) Carnivore Conservation Programme has been working with livestock farmers in the Waterberg to reduce conflict with predators. Their efforts pay of on Monday 18 January when they placed a young livestock guardian dog to reduce carnivore conflict on livestock.

Derek van der Merwe, Limpopo Regional Coordinator: Carnivore Conservation Programme, explains: “We received a report of a leopard in a snare on the farm we placed a puppy last week.

“Joseph Hlako, our community conflict mitigation field officer, was able to respond and confirm that the leopard was still alive. “Unfortunately, the leopard was in thick bush caught in a snare on a fence. Darting the leopard from the ground was too dangerous. “We therefore contacted Lapalala Wilderness for assistance and their veterinary team were happy to assist. We contacted LEDET and arranged permission and a helicopter was called in to try and save the leopard.

“The young male leopard was safely darted and recovered by Joseph and our community livestock guardian dog champions Bruce Makola and Daniel Chokwe and taken to Lapalala, fortunately its injuries were not severe, and it was decided to release it straight away.

“We are grateful for the support we received from Lapalala Wilderness and the community farmer who reported it. We were able to save this leopard’s life.

“The EWT Carnivore Conservation Programme’s Livestock Guardian Dog Project is a part of our #CommunityConservation efforts and is made possible by the GEF Small Grants Programme, Princess Charlene of Monaco, the Elizabeth Wakeman Henderson Foundation, Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire, Eskom, and Eukanuba.

“A huge thank you to Herman Muller and Annemieke Muller and Lambert van der Westhuizen who assisted with the darting and moving of the leopard,” Derek concludes.

(To read more about this fascinating story, make sure you get next week’s Mogol Post which will be available on Thursday 29 January – Ed.)

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