Lephalale Going Green

Mari Murray, a member of LGG, an avid recycling activist, showed what can be done with everyday waste. Amazing!

LEPHALALE — During the Lephalale Going Green meeting on Thursday, June 27, positive outcomes and actions were discussed.

One of the positive aftermaths of LGG is a great business opportunity for a compost business in Lephalale – contact Joe Meyer at 083 264 6204 for more information.

Another good opportunity for an entrepreneur includes to convert ash and gypsum and other waste products at Medupi into a lucrative business like, for example, bricks – contact Rosetta at Medupi Power Station at 079 508 6878 for more information about this opportunity.

There is a serious appeal to anyone who is willing to assist with education and training regarding recycling and upcycling to come forward.

There are great possibilities for upcycling and entrepreneurs can easily get information about how to explore a possibility and earn money at the same time.

Joe Meyer and Anita Stevens, LGG delegates, had a positive meeting with the Acting Municipal Manager (MM), Maria Cocquyt, about the illegal posters all over town of “doctors” who advertise their abortion services, penis enlargement, advice for lost lovers, etc. The MM undertook to send letters of demand to the culprits and to detain those who are responsible for putting up the posters and to hand them over to the police.

Cocquyt also said as soon as the new budget comes into effect on 1 July, broken skip bins, broken trucks and other broken equipment will be dealt with.

The LGG message remains clear – Don’t litter, recycle and upcycle. Furthermore, the local municipality must ensure that municipal regulations are applied to and they must act accordingly.

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