Lephalale Going Green – step by step

LEPHALALE — Lephalale Going Green, a private initiative in conjunction with Lephalale Municipality, is step by step making progress in educating residents about recycling and to stop littering.

Jackson and Edward with the sticker for the blue bins

Lephalale Municipality has already held educational talks on this important topic at several schools in the area.

A follow-up meeting was held on Thursday 2 May and Edward Mashishi and Jackson Chipape of the Municipal Waste Department, presented an example of the nearly 100 stickers they had printed. The stickers, indicating recyclable items, will be put on the blue bins all around town and they expressed their hope that proud residents will positively respond to that.

Places, where more bins can be placed, were identified during the meeting.
According to the attendees, they already notice a reduction in the number of litter scattered in streets and parks in town.

Edward said that, regarding hazardous and electronic waste, they are in the process of addressing this particular aspect of recycling because there are specific rules and regulations and a permit is needed.
 Edward invited community members to contact the municipality if they are aware of any illegal dumping of hazardous waste, including medical waste. The number to dial is 014 762 1432/85.
 Lephalale Going Green’s strategy is to assist the municipality to:
• clean up the town and to keep it clean by having processes in place;
• run the dumping site effectively and efficiently;
• handle hazardous waste effectively and efficiently by among others having collection points in town and at the dumping site;
• recycling must be an integral part of every household, business, school or institution;
• held information sessions at the schools to inspire children to support a clean town and to recycle; and
• continuous communication through the media to get all residents to support the clean-up initiatives and recycling objectives.
 The next meeting will be held on Thursday 9 May at Machauka Lodge. Anyone that wants to get involved in this initiative can contact Trudie Grobler at 082 331 4578.

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