Lephalale Going Green

LEPHALALE — The Clean-up Campaign that was initiated in 2018 by KAEFER Energy Projects, a Medupi-based construction company, has cleared and cleaned various streets in Lephalale town and Onverwacht with the support of caring residents. This private initiative’s name has now changed to: Lephalale Going Green.

Please don’t contribute to the mess in town, rather go green and keep Lephalale clean

Lephalale Going Green, in collaboration with Lephalale Municipality, held a follow-up meeting on Thursday 28 March at Machauka Lodge in regards to several issues that require attention in town and Marapong.

Edward Mashisi from the Municipal Waste Division, gave feedback on informative stickers that will be put on the orange recycling bins so that people can clearly see which items can be recycled. They are just waiting for the municipality’s final approval.

An urgent request to businesses and individuals was directed by the committee for extra 210 liters of drums. The areas where additional drums were fitted, have already improved significantly. The municipality also removed piles of rubbish along the road last week along Troupand Street.

There is still a serious appeal to the residents and non-residents to refrain from littering. The by-laws clearly stipulate that those who are guilty of littering can be fined with a minimum of R1 000. Burning stuff inside skip bins, for any reason, is also totally unacceptable as well as burning anything like garden waste inside your yard. There is a request that these illegal fires must be reported to Department: Disaster Management at 071 173 6246.

Meanwhile, the schools campaign is also ongoing where children are taught about recycling and withholding from littering.

Feedback on the correct handling of E-waste and hazardous waste will be communicated at a later stage.

The message stays clear: Recycle and keep Lephalale clean.

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