Lephalale has safe drinking water

LEPHALALE — During June 2017 media reports were issued stating that AfriForum alleged that the drinking water of Lephalale town was not fit for human consumption.
DA Councillor, Astrid Basson, submitted written questions to the Lephalale Municipality. The reply received from the Municipality indicated that water was tested weekly and that the water quality was of a high standard.
As this was such a crucial issue, the DA Lephalale sought the services of an independent water expert, Claris Dreyer, to obtain water samples and test these for quality.
Water samples were taken during September 2017 and sent to an independent laboratory for testing. The first water sample was taken at the Zeeland waterworks by Aquatico Laboratories (Pty) Ltd during their monthly sampling routine for Exxaro.
The second water sample was taken at the Bosveld Primary, Lephalale at the same sample point (tap) that was sampled before by Afriforum during June 2017. A representative of Afriforum was present and indicated the location of this sample point. The third water sample was taken at the Lephalale Police Station in Herman Street at an open tap that is being used on a daily basis by persons visiting the Police station.
All three water samples were analyzed by UIS Analytical Services (Pty) Ltd in Pretoria, which is a SANAS accredited laboratory. The results obtained indicated the following:
• The total Coli-form bacteria and E-coli bacteria which indicate sewage pollution had no colonies present.
• The Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) are very low and give an indication of the good water quality.
• Fluoride, sulphate, nitrate and chloride content that can affect your acute and chronic health were below the limits of all the samples.
• Both the colour value and the turbidity values of the three samples are within the SANS 241-1 recommended values. In comparison with the initial sample from Bosveld Primary the recent sample (September 2017) contains substantial lower colour and turbidity values.
The analytical results for the three water samples taken in September 2017 indicate that the water is fit for human consumption according to SANS 241-2015 limits.
The sporadic occurrence of colour and turbidity values exceeding the SANS 241-2015 limits are caused by the replacement of the existing potable water system within Lephalale and occurs when the pipelines are not properly flushed as it should be done or poor workmanship by the contractor that requires reworking of the new pipeline. This will continue until all pipelines have been installed and all house connections been completed.
The DA believes in accountability and transparency, the full test results are available on request. The Lephalale community can rest assured that our drinking water is of a high standard. Claris Dreyer is thanked for his assistance.
Exxaro and Lephalale Municipality are applauded for their diligence in ensuring the quality of Lephalale’s drinking water.

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