Lephalale SAPS reminds community

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Lephalale SAPS reminds the community not to trust ANYONE with their bank card and PIN number.
Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena, Lephalale SAPS spokesperson, says they all too often have people at the station opening cases of theft after having given their bank card and PIN number to a stranger.
“No police member or any other individual has the right to ask anyone for their bank card and pin. DO NOT believe anyone who tells you that he or she is a member of the police if they cannot prove it” he says.
He added that they also receive complaints from people saying that someone “smears” them with something and then tells them their money is no longer safe in the bank. The person then claims that the victim must give them their bank card and PIN number so that they can withdraw their money before it disappears. Naturally then both the policeman and their money really do disappear.
He confirmed that in future the police will no longer open cases in such events. “Keep your card and PIN number safe and DO NOT share it with anyone” he says.
Mokoena also warned those people that visit the ladies of the night and then come to the police because they have been surprised and robbed, that they cannot open a case.
It is already illegal to visit those ladies of the night. If you want to take the risk, you must be willing to live with the consequences. People claim that they are robbed by a person who jumps out at them from the bushes on Wells and George Avgos street.
“We as police are sick and tired of the ladies of the night, we are not opening a case, the people fabricate stories” he said.
“The same goes for people who still try and buy jobs. How many times do we have to warn that if you have to pay for a job you must know it is a scam” he concluded.

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