Letter — 17 Nov 2017

The Editor
It is with great concern that I read of yet another escape from police custody. However this was not just another escape, the escapee was in custody for the murder of an innocent man, Dr Werner Emslie.
The past few months there were several hard criminals that managed to escape from the police holding cells in Lephalale due to negligence from the SAPS.
I know the rules and regulations of the SAPS and this incident, which is not the first, is a disaster for us as community members of Lephalale.
The SAPS is supposed to keep us safe but hardened criminals are allowed to escape due to negligence on SAPS side and the problem is that NOTHING is done to take action against the Station Commander or members concerned.
I spoke to Brig Ramsukbay from SAPS National Head Office about my concerns about poor investigation, poor support to the community as well as the escapes a few weeks ago. National Head Office stated that their role is to support the Station Commander and that they have two years to solve the problems at Lephalale Police Station.
It is clear that somebody covering for the Station Commander.
It is clear that the Station Commander does not have any command or control over his members and needs to be removed from this position with immediate effect.
There is no need for any investigation because the facts are clear.
He must also not be removed with promotion as all the previous commanders were transferred.
If there are other community members who want to support me please let us use the channels to put pressure on the provincial office to take the necessary steps to solve this problem quickly.
— WJW Geldenhuys

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