Licenses for the needy

Ratlou Mabula
LEPHALALE — In July, Eskom and other role players celebrated together with 23 former and current Lephalale TVET College students who received their code 10 driver’s licenses.
These 23 people, through the assistance of Community Liaison Officers, were chosen from disadvantaged backgrounds in different areas around Lephalale.
Eskom Supply Development and Localisation (SD & L) had an agreement with Makalane Transport Services to commit to help learners who did not have driver’s licenses, to acquire them and to upgrade their CVs.
SD & L requires that when a company is awarded a contract, it must have development targets that include enterprise development which are subcontract and procurement. While the company is growing it must ensure other companies are benefiting from it.
As a transport service provider, Makalane Megabus’ scope of work was to set targets for skills developments within its service, hence the driver’s license with the potential of beneficiaries getting a job at the company.
Eskom says the 23 beneficiaries are the first intake under Matimba Power Station contractual obligation between the two companies and there will be another one soon for Medupi Project.
One of the beneficiaries, Pinky Pelotona, told Mogol Post she was very delighted and grateful for the opportunity that will unlock doors for her. She said getting a driver’s license has the potential of changing their lives dramatically as some of them are orphans.
It is understood that not all beneficiaries were present at the time of the photo shoot.

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