Linda’s participation recognized

MARAPONG — Nelsonskop’s Spelling BEE finalist, Linda Seodisa, was conferred a Special Award by the Department of Basic Education for participating in Spelling Bee in three consecutive years.

Mrs MH Majadibodu, Linda’s trainer and a teacher at Nelsonskop, says it is an achievement that conveys an important message – it is not the pace of the race, but the endurance of the runner and the focus on the finish line that guarantees victory.

The 2019 Spelling BEE Championships were held at the University of South Africa on Saturday 21 September. Twenty-seven learners between Grade 4 and 6 from around the country participated at the finals to put their spelling skills to the test.

The Spelling BEE was initiated in 2014 by the Education Department to improve reading culture across the country.

Basic Education Spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga, said: “It is only through reading that one’s grasp of language and spelling can be improved. On Saturday we witnessed first-hand the value of reading with understanding from a young age”.

Linda, currently in Grade 6, says receiving the Special Award for participating for three consecutive years in the Spelling BEE championships has made her very happy, and it is an achievement she will always treasure in her heart.

Majadibodu says ’Linda’s performance during training at Tzaneen promised them a lot of positive things before the finals.

She says they realized Linda had challenges with words beginning with a “Q” after she struggled at the Provincial competition.

“Linda, who has shown bravery all along even cried after being eliminated after she couldn’t spell the word ‘Quinoa’. Next year I am looking forward to Linda participate in debates or story writing as she has shown to have potential in these categories.

“I am very happy to have trained and worked with Linda during these annual journeys,” Majadibodu concluded.

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