Lobola celebrations


Tebogo Tlhako
MARAPONG — Families and friends of both Samuel F Mokobi and Letta Matsila gathered in Marapong extension 4 on Saturday to witness lobola negotiations as Mokobi (72) paid out lobola for his bride Letta (75).
The couple says that they met at the SAVF centre for the aged in December last year. Mokobi said that he noticed Letta’s humility and humbleness and that the first time he saw her he was filled with happiness because he knew that she was the one for him.
“I made it very clear to him when he started with his proposal that I won’t set a bad example to my children by having a man coming and going in my house” said Letta.
The couple has four and five children respectively and they say that they want to set a perfect example for them. All their children are very happy with the proposed marriage arrangements.
“I am very happy that my aunt will not be alone as we have our own families to take care of. She now has a companion to spend her days with and we thank him for doing the right thing to her, it shows that he has good intentions and her best interests at heart” said Jack Makua who is grandson to Letta.
The couple says that they have not been married before but they are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.
Social workers at the SAVF say that since this will be their first marriage, they will provide the couple with the necessary pre-marital counselling to prepare them for marriage.
Letta said that a lot of marriages fail because people have no patience with each other and lack respect.
“No house is always happy but we are going to try and set an example to the youth – by showing them that love still exists and through prayer and supporting and respecting each other we will make it” said Letta.
The couple wishes for a white wedding and would appreciate any form of contribution to be forwarded to the SAVF in Marapong to make their day special.

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