Local a Shining Star

LEPHALALE — On his Facebook account, he always posts inspirational messages that aim at empowering the youth and motivating them to do better than yesterday.

23-year-old Philemon Maketa Selemela calls himself a self-made leader, motivational speaker and the founder of Phil-Motivation.

He is a graduate in Analytical Chemistry and has written a book named The Beginning of Life, which will be released at the end of August 2019.

Selemela matriculated in 2015 at Morakolo Secondary School in Shongoane 2.

He recently received a Certificate of Recognition from the Inside Education in partnership with the National Youth Development Agency.

Before the recognition by NYDA, he founded the Phil-Motivation in 2016 at Shongoane 2, and this got him nominated in the annual 100 South African Shining Stars.

“The aim is to motivate learners from rural schools and to help matriculants with university and bursary applications.

Due to a high rate of dropouts, specifically in rural areas, we will go to schools in 2020 and do our best to motivate learners to be passionate about learning and schooling.

“This will be done through partnering with schools where mind challenging games such as Spelling Bee, Chess and Scrabble competitions will be introduced.

“The main objective of these mind-challenging games is to help learners to improve their reading and reasoning skills and to help them with the correct pronunciation of words,” Selemela explained.

On scooping the Certificate of Recognition, he says he is thankful to everyone who nominated him to be part of the 100 South African shining stars.

“This award is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Selemela says the young people around Lephalale should not let their poverty-stricken background limit their desired destination.

“I know how it feels to grow up in a very disadvantaged society, where living a better life seems impossible. That, however, shouldn’t make one’s dream or vision aimless.

Dreams can still be achieved irrespective of the current situation. All that is needed is to keep faith, remain focused, believe in oneself, and the urge to not stop paving one’s way.

Live your dream, and it shall happen,” he concluded.

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