Local “Bluetooth” destruction

LEPHALALE — Substance abuse seems to be part of bigger problems in some villages nearby Lephalale, with the destructive outcomes showing at a disturbing rate.

Recent reports emerged about a young man from Morwe Village 1 who was buried on Saturday 23 February allegedly after succumbing to drugs.

Mainstream media reported about the dangers of the Bluetooth method, but no-one suspected that it’s disruptive effects would soon be a common problem in Lephalale.

Bluetooth is a method to get high on Nyaope (a mixture of heroin, antiretroviral drugs, rat poison and even crushed glass) by using a syringe to take the blood of someone (who is already high due to injecting him/herself with Nyaope) and injecting that person’s blood into yourself.

It poses health risks such as transferring infections like HIV or creating health complications as the drug addicts’ blood type might not be compatible and the blood transfusion might be rejected.

Last week, those who were close to the latest victim of drug abuse shared their stories of how they personally knew him and saw him lose weight before he died.

Some raised a concern that the community knows who is behind drug distribution and still nothing is done about the situation.

In 2018 another young man lost his life in a drug related incident.

For drug addicts, the desperation to get drugs can overpower any morals they once had, even if it means stealing valuables from home or other places.

Unfortunately, out of fear for victimisation, no one is willing to go on record about their dissatisfactions, frustrations and concerns regarding drug abuse in the area.

Meanwhile another developing and unfortunate reality linked to drugs has been observed over the past week at Shongoane 1.

According to the Shongoane Community Forum, there is a group of young men terrorising the community.

The group, known as the Block D gang, are accused of using Nyaope, injuring those passing-by at night, as well as stealing from the community.

Villa Nora SAPS reported that police officers were sent to where the gang was suspected to be and no dangerous weapons were found. This was after the community apprehended 20 young men who are also students at two secondary schools nearby.

More details on this will follow next week as the community had arranged a meeting at the time of publishing.

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