Look after your pets

LEPHALALE — The Christmas holidays have not even started in earnest and their kennels are already filled to capacity with stray animals and animals that have been dropped off over the last weekend, says Mariska Jacobs, SPCA Inspector.
One of their biggest headaches at the end of the year is pet owners who relocate and simply leave their animals behind in the yard. “Such people can be prosecuted,” says Erika Tempel, a managing member of the Lephalale SPCA.
Erika warns pet owners that may be going away for just a short while and who get someone to care for their animals, to rather take their animals to the SPCA. “Animals whose owners are away generally sit at the gate and wait for their owners to come home, these animals are a target for thieves,” she says.
There are boarding kennels available at the SPCA for people who are going on holiday and need a safe place for their animals to stay.
“Please also make sure that your animals stay in your yard and cannot get out. Especially with New Year’s eve and the expected fireworks it is essential that your animals are in a safe place,” says Erika.
Erika reminds the community that cats and dogs can lodge at the SPCA during the holidays. “Many cats and dogs get found 100 m from their homes and it is impossible to find their address without a name tag or microchip. Pet owners can now get a microchip at Lephalale SPCA for the bargain price of R100 per tag,” she concludes.
Be responsible and take your pet/s to Lephalale SPCA during the holidays. Don’t leave them on their own.

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