LRC addresses injustices

SHONGOANE — Legal Resources Centre (LRC) held a workshop in Shongoane 1 on Saturday 17 March about communities’ rights to a healthy environment. The purpose of the workshop was to address injustices faced by mining affected communities with an emphasis on women.

During the facilitation, led by Tshepo Fokane of LRC, shocking stories concerning exhumation of bodies without consulting families and drinking of contaminated water in Steenbokpan were raised with the hope that the matters can be resolved.

It was also highlighted that communities have to record any evidence of an injustice they observe within their mining area, usually covering a 50 km radius.

Local organiser of the workshop, Emily Nkosi of Waterberg Women Advocacy Organisation, told Mogol Post that although she was not impressed by the number of attendants, she is happy that the message was spread across.

“The purpose of this workshop was to reach rural women and the youth of Shongoane to advocate to them about their rights to access clean water and also to know what to do when farm owners evict them from respective farms.

With the number of women that have attended I can proudly say: “you teach women, you teach the nation,” she said.

The workshop also touched base on the rehabilitation of land after a mining project has come to its end and the promotion of access to information, including spatial planning land use management act (SPLUMA), which governs informal and traditional land use development processes.

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