Marapong stench unbearable

Ratlou Mabula
MARAPONG — Marapong residents, particularly in Relebogile Street near Marapong Complex and in Extension 1, have been subjected to the stench of sewerage for two weeks running.
On entering Marapong, one is met by sewerage that flows for more than 1 km from the location to illegal settlements near the grounds.
On closer inspection of the leaking manhole, a strong flow of stinking water littered with toilet paper was to be seen. Opposite that, metres away, is a food outlet where learners from nearby schools as well as working people buy lunch. There are vendors selling vegetables and spaza shops too that are all exposed to this stench.
From the residents’ perspective, this has caused a lot of inconvenience as children cannot play outside as they used to. The smell penetrates houses affecting everyday living and eating experiences.
Residents using the short cut to Relebogile Street now have to use the tar road that joins Mosetlha Street to avoid the stench.
In Extension 1, just opposite Marapong Clinic, there is another leaking manhole that has many condoms around it. The sewerage flows towards the cemetery and has blocked all entry points to Manamela Park.
The smell in the evenings is foul, while in the mornings children walking to nearby schools must walk through the sewerage to reach their destination.
Some residents who want to stay anonymous, said the Water and Sanitation Division from Lephalale Municipality told them they have been working on the problem from before 16 June, but at the time of going to print, sewerage was still flowing all over the place.
They shared their frustrations with Mogol Post, saying the municipality must come up with an alternative plan to eradicate this problem as it poses health hazards to their children, who are likely to play in the sewerage unaware of the dangers involved.
Another fact is that this leaking sewerage is opposite a health facility, where vulnerable people queue daily awaiting medical assistance. Hygiene in all cases is compromised.
Earlier this year, Ward 1 Cllr William Motlokoa, said the municipality faced the problem of people who installed their own toilets and tried to connect pipes with the municipal manholes. He was responding to a concern raised by a family whose toilet pipes had blocked.
In a written response Lephalale Municipality says; “We are currently in the process of unblocking manholes and diluting the sewerage with chemicals to dissolve the fats found at Marapong Complex sewer pipe.
Residents are advised to avoid throwing foreign materials (sanitary towels, fat, sand, hair weaves and condoms) into the sewerage line.”
Some officials allege to have seen a T-shirt in the sewer pipe.

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