Marapong targeted

MARAPONG — Four cases of housebreaking and theft in Marapong over the period from 29 to 31 August were opened at Lephalale SAPS.

Between 21:50 on 30 August and 08:05 on 31 August a cash amount of R840 and a cell phone were stolen from a house in Marapong X4. According to the complainant, she closed and locked all the doors of her house before she left to her boyfriend’s place. When she came back home, she noticed that someone tampered with the door and that it was forced open to gain entry. After she went into the house, she discovered her money and a cell phone was gone.

Between 22:30 on 31 August and 06:00 on 1 September unknown suspects allegedly broke into another house in Marapong X2 and stole a black Samsung cell phone to the value of R3 250 and a silver laptop to the value of R7 000.

Between 17:30 on 31 August and 06:40 on 1 September, R8 000 and a plasma TV to the value of R12 000 were stolen from a house in Marapong X4 after unknown suspects forced a door open.

Between 22:00 on 29 August and 03:15 on 30 August another housebreaking and theft took place in Marapong X1. The complainant alleged that all the windows and doors were closed when she went to bed. She woke up hearing footsteps in the house, and she thought it was her boyfriend. She later became suspicious and got up only to find that her flat-screen TV to the value of R3 500 was gone.

No arrests had been made at the time of going to print.

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