Marié and Johannes – a mean cooking team

Marié and Johannes

LEPHALALE — The staff of Sedibeng Combined School had not taken part in the National feeding scheme of the Department of Basic Education for a few years. The reasons for this was a lack of space as well as a lack of enthusiasm in starting the project.
During 2016, Marié Coetzer, a staff member at the school, came forward with the idea that it would benefit all the children if they eat one meal at school each day. Although some staff members were a little bit apprehensive about it, Coetzer started the project with great eagerness. As part of the project Johannes Mosima was appointed as cook at the school.
From the first meal that Johannes cooked it was clear that the project was going to be a huge success. He did not have a lot to work from but he cooks excellent, attractive meals which the children enjoy. Marié assists with the admin on this project.
At the end of 2016 a competition about school’s participation in the feeding scheme was initiated. Marié worked hard and made a video about their feeding scheme and it’s success.
The school recently heard that they won a prize in the competition and they thank Marié and Johannes for their hard work in making this project successful. They are a winning team!

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