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Elana Greyling
SHONGOANE — The Matjoba Young Women’s group again contributed to their communities recently while giving a helping hand to the Cancer Association of South Africa, CANSA.
“Tokkietokkie”, visited four different schools in Ga-Seleka and Shongoane. With “Soute Saartjie”, they taught children about the High Five of health, namely eating healthy, protecting yourself against the sun, exercising, no smoking and looking after your health by visiting the clinic or doctor when you’re sick.
The children loved the presentation and will definitely have something to tell goggo during the holidays.
Matjoba has an ongoing project in cooperation with Skemer Women’s Agricultural Union, where they pack care packages for women and children who are victims of physical abuse. These packages are delivered at the victim centre at the SAPS in Lephalale.
Having Astrid Basson as one of its mentors is always a privilege for the Matjoba Young Women’s group.
Astrid recently visited the group and spoke about the do’s and don’ts of a job interview. Her tips and tutoring may just be the difference between getting an interview and getting a job. Tips she gave included:
• Apply for a job you are qualified for.
• Ensure that your CV is up to date, faultless, positive and always truthful.
• Do research on the company you are applying to.
• Write a cover letter where you mention the company, the skills they want and why you would be perfect for the job.
• If possible, visit the company to see how people dress and get the ‘lay of the land’. Make sure that you dress similar and just a little bit better. Your aim is to fit in.
• Prepare yourself on the background of the company and the skills needed.
• Make sure you are positive and don’t let yourself be discouraged.
• Don’t learn answers by heart. Prepare well, but speak from your heart.
• Don’t cry in front of them.
• Don’t discuss salary or terms of employment or be over-confident.
• Write a thank you note after the interview.
After this priceless advice, the girls created homemade pizza fit for a queen.

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