Matjoba empowered

Members of the Matjoba Young women’s group recently held an inspiring meeting.
The aim of the group is to empower young women and prepare them for a professional life, while defending the environment and caring for their communities. These aims were all reached during this meeting. Girls learnt more about public speaking and everyone made a speech, even the shy ones, and all survived!
Feedback was given about various important threats to the environment, such as planned coal projects that will have a direct impact on communities and their health and quality of life.
In a combined project with the Skemer Women’s Agricultural Union, care packages were packed to be donated to the SAPS’ Victim Centre for victims of violence. “We would like to pack all the love, healing and caring into these packages, if we only could,” said one of the members.
Then it was time for fun. The girls learnt to bake flop-proof scones that are so easy and quick, they could impress even a mother-in-law.
The group is looking forward to an active Women’s Month.

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