Matjoba girls — a fighting team

LEPHALALE — Members of the Matjoba Young Girls group recently attended a workshop and team building exercise hosted by Earthlife Africa (Johannesburg).

The speaker for the day, a well-known environmental and gender activist, Nomalizo Xhoma, told the girls about the historic struggle of gender equality.

Even though 51% of the population in South Africa is women, women are often not in management or higher positions. 

She inspired the girls with her stories and motivation.

“We must stand up for ourselves and take charge of our own lives. We cannot wait for men to do things for us, to make our decisions for us and to plan our lives for us,” she said. She emphasized that it is important for women to take part in decision making on higher levels, even on a national level.

The Matjoba Girls also discussed the Integrated Development Plan (IRP) and the impacts the plan will have on rural communities and the other citizens of the country.

Thabo Sibeku entertained the group with creative team building games. The group, who started off quiet and tentative, became confident and outspoken. They say it is a privilege to get to know each other better.

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