Matjoba looks at health and safety

LEPHALALE — All the vibrant women of the Matjoba Young Women’s group held their monthly empowering and inspirational meeting in Onverwacht.
Safety and health were the main topics of the meeting. The mentor attending was Riana Bronkhorst, Divisional Manager of CANSA Limpopo. She shared information on the Cancer Association of South Africa, its workings, structure, mission etc. She started at CANSA as a volunteer and worked her way up to divisional manager. She believes that CANSA has a huge task, educating people on the dangers of cancer and taking care of cancer patients.
Cancer has two origins: one is genetic and one is from the environment. When you have a history of cancer in your family, you should be more aware of the signs and changes in your body. The earlier you detect cancer, the better your chances of survival are. Environmental factors such as smoking, pollution and hazardous chemicals, as well as the sun, can give you cancer. A demonstration on how to do self-inspections for breast cancer was given.
She also shared the story of her life with the group, telling them that when one door closes, six others open. As a mother and wife, one often has to make plans to create your own opportunities. ”We all need to take charge of our lives and with faith we will make it,” she said. The group asked a lot of questions. “We all have bad days. Go into the bedroom and have a good cry, then it’s enough and you get up and carry on. Think about those people who depend on you, like family, or living for God’s honour and you’ll know, it’s not the end of the world. This gives us the courage to go on,” Riana says. “We should not look at our mistakes as failures, think of it as an opportunity to do it better the second time around,” she said. Her father was her inspiration: “Never give up trying, fake it ‘till you make it! “Make a positive choice and keep going.”
“Sometimes we think other people’s paths are much easier, but we are inspired to know that we all overcome problems in our lives,” said Tebogo Mocheko, chairperson of Matjoba.
The group also discussed the issue of safety. After a woman was recently murdered in the most gruesome manner, the focus fell on keeping safe. Human trafficking is a huge problem in South Africa. SA is not only a source but also a transition country and a destination country for human trafficking. “We must not be victims, but keep ourselves and our daughters safe,” said Elana Greyling, Matjoba’s ‘godmother’.
Feedback on environmental justice issues was also given.

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