Medupi donates 4 000 books

LEPHALALE — On Tuesday 18 September the Medupi Project and the Department of Education joined hands with the local municipality to celebrate the Mandela Centenary. This celebration was inspired by the “Fight Poverty through Education” initiative – Eskom’s Medupi Project donated 4 000 books for reading to needy schools in Lephalale.

Standing in for the Acting Medupi PD and Acting Mayor handing over the donated books to the Circuits

Half (2 000) of the 4 000 books are in Sepedi and the other half (2 000) in English. The books were distributed to learners in Grades 1 to 3. About 400 school learners and educators flocked to the Mokuruanyane Hall, in Mokuruanyane village, to attend the occasion.

Supplier Development and Localisation Manager, Mr Gabriel Mkhonza, presented the gifts to the learners, stating that Eskom’s Medupi Project was passionate about education, and he said the great leader Nelson Mandela had commented that Education was a powerful tool to change the world. “I am here, representing the Acting Project Director of Medupi, Ms Zandi Shange. She sent her warm regards and said these gifts came with a good heart as this is a caring project,” he said. He concluded by saying: “Medupi has done a great deal to ensure that the quality of education is improved, and we would like to encourage teachers to play their part to make sure that learners are well equipped for their futures and can select careers according that will benefit their lives.”

The occasion featured performances of singing and dancing, reading competitions and fascinating poems about the project, reflecting that Medupi was indeed following its intrinsic meaning; namely “the rain that soaks parched lands, giving economic relief”. The performances reflected the excitement that the school learners felt about their gifts, and the audience celebrated with ululations and standing ovations.

Councillor Thulare stood in for the mayor of Lephalale, to hand over the books. He said that Eskom was working tirelessly to ensure that the quality of education would be improved, and that the schools across the circuits in Lephalale benefited not only from educational material but also from improvements to the school premises, classrooms and environmental management aspects.

The donation benefited the following schools in the Ellisras Circuit area: the Lephalale Primary School received 400 English and 400 Sepedi books for reading and the Lerekhureng Combined School received 200 English and 200 Sepedi books. In addition, 200 English and 200 Sepedi books were donated to the Klipspruit Primary School, and 200 English and 200 Sepedi books to the Mfake Primary School in the Palala North Circuit. Lastly, the Palala South Ramojapudi Primary School received 500 English and 500 Sepedi books and the Jacob Langa Lower Primary School received 500 English and 500 Sepedi books.

“The department is grateful for the continued support that Medupi has given us, it will surely go a long way in making sure that we build a conducive education system for our circuits, the department is grateful for the helping hand” said Mr William Mongwe, Palala South Circuit Manager presenting a vote of thanks.

The project invested a total sum of R283 000 in purchasing the books. This investment will go a long way toward improving the reading capabilities of learners in the lower grades and will help them to cultivate the habit of reading from an early age.

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