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LEPHALALE — The Eskom Medupi Power Station Project recently donated school uniforms to pupils of the families whose graves had been relocated in a cultural ceremony on the Medupi site.
This donation was offered over and above implementing the recommendations tabled by the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission). These recommendations had been informed by the results of the Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA).
After receiving complaints about the management of the relocation of the graves at the Medupi Project site, Eskom was requested to investigate the matter and initiated the HIA and the CRL Rights Commission processes.
The investigation had two separate processes. An appointed task team which included representatives of the families of the deceased, initiated and managed an independent HIA, led by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). In the second process, the CRL Rights Commission conducted a separate investigation.
The recommendations from the investigations were that Eskom should take certain actions, such as holding a main cleansing ceremony for the affected families and establishing a shrine. These actions culminated in a ceremony held on 14 May 2016, at which a commemorative plaque in memory of those affected was unveiled and a new arena opened.
In addition to the agreed recommendations, Eskom’s management decided to support the family members through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) to alleviate the challenging social conditions facing some of the families. Eskom heeded a call from some of the family members to provide school uniforms to their schoolchildren. The donation of school uniforms benefited 11 learners, reducing the financial burden on the affected families of purchasing winter uniforms for their children.
“Eskom’s capacity expansion programme is more than just a journey to add the much needed energy capacity infrastructure, it is also about building communities, such as this humanitarian act which is in line with our value of Sinobuntu and will go a long way towards assisting the beneficiaries to meet their need for education. Education remains pivotal to the community’s wellbeing, so it gives us great pleasure to contribute to such a cause,” said Mr Phillip Dukashe, Project Director, Medupi Power Station Project.

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