Medupi puts safety first

LEPHALALE — In a statement by Medupi, it stated that about 117 accidents occurred on Lephalale roads in 2016. In those accidents, there were 37 fatalities. A huge percentage of the victims were Medupi Project employees. These accidents were caused by a number of factors, which included speeding, reckless driving, drunken driving and unroadworthy vehicles.

 In response to this concern, Medupi Project together with the National Department of Transport has agreed to partner up and implement a Road Safety Strategy.

The month of October is regarded as South African Transport Month. It was then appropriate that on 26 October 2017, the National Department of Transport, the National, Provincial and Lephalale traffic officials embarked on a Law Enforcement Operation just outside the Medupi Project.

This was the second activity of this nature. The operation mainly focused on the evaluation of vehicles’ roadworthiness, permits, licence discs and drivers’ fitness.

The team aims to bring in a mobile vehicle station to conduct road worthiness tests on the spot. These campaigns will continue as part of measures being put in place to curb the road carnage that has been occurring on the roads of Lephalale. The Medupi Project is all about safety, and these operations will go a long way in ensuring that safety is not just a target but a culture.

Mr Phillip Dukashe, Medupi Project Director, expressed his satisfaction with the conducted operations and congratulated the team that worked on the campaign. “The campaign will go a long way in reaching the safety targets and creating safer roads in Lephalale,” he said.

The campaign outcomes:

  • 219 vehicles were stopped and searched;
  • 22 traffic fines were issued to motorists to the value of R9 800;
  • 10 drunken drivers screened;
  • 16 summonses issued for speed, to the value of R9 000;
  • Five vehicles were discontinued as roadworthy tests had expired;
  • Five vehicles were impounded for no route permits to the value of R70 000; and
  • Infringement notices were served by RTIA to the amount of R15 285.

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