Men: “live out your role responsibly”

MARAPONG — 19 November 2018 was International Men’s Day but the SAVF in Marapong celebrated International Men’s Day on Wednesday 21 November at their One Stop Centre in Marapong.

In the company of SAVF Senior Social Worker Josephine Makhuthudisa, the elderly men at the centre were reminded just how important they are in the society and the role they play.

Makhuthudisa said men are producers and heads of families, a role that comes with responsibility.

“On this occasion, as we celebrate the heads of our homes, allow me to encourage fellow women to respect their husbands, putting in mind that men are producers and women are containers. On this day we are looking at men internationally, I encourage you to give them respect they deserve.

“I always advise women whenever I do Woman Dynamics talk, focusing on weddings, that they must not let transformation interfere with who they are and their roles in marriages and building families.

“As a working woman you can still prepare and give food to your husband with utmost respect, instead of directing him where to go find food.

“I also encourage men who have children outside their current families and marriages to not leave them unattended to.

“You can invite the child over for the festive season and spend quality time with them in the house you are currently head of,” she said.

Lazarus Seodisa, one of the elders at the centre, used words from the bible about man initially being alone and feeling lonely, before a partner was made to be with him. He said the responsibility of a head is very important and if there is no father figure, a lot of things don’t go well.

His words were echoed by the Pastor at the centre, Mr Phillemon Mfisa, who said: “Who are men? By men we are talking about grandfathers and great grandfathers.

“When the world sees you now, they see a parent to someone else’s parent and this is you, a man who has reached old age.

“When a child is mocked, they respond by saying they will report to their father or grandfather. Therefore, we are men because of women and we must act responsibly in this role,” he concluded.

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