Minors raped too easily

A 13 year old girl was “raped” with this handmade rubber object

MARAPONG/STEENBOKPAN — Three rape cases were opened during the weekend of 9 September and the police appeals to parents to look after their children.
In the first incident, a 25 year old mother fetched her two girls, aged five and one, at a crèche in Marapong on Friday 8 September. When they got home around 18:00, she undressed them to bathe them. She then noticed a discharge on the five year old’s underwear and she asked her what happened.
The five year old girl then told her mother that an unknown man touched their private parts and he ordered her not to tell anyone. She opened a rape case on behalf of her two daughters.
In another incident on Saturday, a 13 year old girl arrived at her home in Steenbokpan and started crying.
According to Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena from SAPS Lephalale Cluster, on enquiry from her parents, she told them that three other girls known to her told her they were tired and she had to lie down with them to sleep.
When she lay down, they grabbed her, the one sat on her chest so she could not move and the other two pulled her legs apart. They then penetrated her private parts with a handmade rubber object. Her body was full of bruises.
WO Mokoena urges the community to be familiar with what goes on in their children’s lives and where they spend time. “Minors get raped too easily – if you see something is bothering your children, talk to them,” he said.

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