Nelsonskop awards

Leoni Kruger
MARAPONG — Nelsonskop Primary in Marapong held their award ceremony and parents day on Friday 28 October. The learners entertained the parents, guests and visitors with poetry, choir songs, hip-hop performances and many more.
Motivational talks were presented by the department of social welfare and the circuit manager.
Sergeant Seepe spoke to the parents about abandoned children. She urged them to take proper care of their children and to listen to what they say. “Please do not abuse your child emotionally of physically, it will affect them while they are at school” she said.
She also asked the parents to question their children when they sense that something might be wrong. “Maybe they were sexually assaulted on their way home or maybe something happened during their school day. If you do not ask, you will never know. Be there for your kids” she concluded.
Learners from Grade R – 7 were awarded for their good achievements during the year.

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