New motivation for young farmer

SELEKA — In March 2019 the 36-year-old Ishamel Khatoane was featured in the Limpopo Department of Agriculture and Rural Development as a young man who was demobilised at a construction company working at Medupi, but made the best of the situation.

Khatoane, who resides in Seleka Ward 4, told Mogol Post that he naturally fell in love with agricultural activities while growing up.

He said nobody taught him how to farm, but even when he was in the construction business, he attended to his small farm after work, where he would use lights at night to be able to observe the developments of his plants.

“I started farming in 2013 and only became serious about it in 2017. I started farming as an extra activity but took it seriously in 2018 when someone referred me to the offices of the Department of Agriculture in Onverwacht.

There I was given seeds that I would use to plant and I later joined a district competition.”

After a few ups and downs, he was nominated as a young aspirant Farmer of the Year for 2019 under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Khatoane said receiving this award on Wednesday 29 May will enable him to do things better and to go forward by the book.

“After winning this award and getting a start-up, I was encouraged to record my products in the book so that I can refer back to the number of products I have had and sold.

“I hope this will encourage other young people in Lephalale to follow agriculture and do away with the notion that farming is for old people”.

Khatoane’s agricultural interests are growing vegetables such as tomatoes, green-pepper, unions and he also has grown watermelon.

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