Nigerian faces fraud charges

LEPHALALE — A 42 year old Nigerian national was arrested in Lephalale on Tuesday after information was communicated to police linking him to faking documents.
According to police the suspect was allegedly found in possession of three computer boxes, marriage certificates, 2 cameras, 3 hard drives, 1 laptop charger, 5 modems, 3 card readers, 2 memory cards, 2 laptop chargers, 6 laptops, 1 Blackberry, 5 Nokia’s and 2 Samsung galaxy cellphones and 1 tablet cell phone among others.
Lephalale SAPS Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena, media spokesperson, says they received reports that the man is highly advanced in technology and he could allegedly fake any letter or document he was asked to by his clients from certificates, departmental documents and letters from Royal house to university degrees.
He faced fraud charges, but on Tuesday W.O. Mokoena said he was no longer in custody. The reason for that was unclear.

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