No excuse for poor SAPS service

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Membership numbers of the CPF are growing slowly but surely – so says Thys Eloff, chairman of the Lephalale CPF, at the meeting of the CPF held at the Mogol club last Thursday.
Eloff also emphasised the necessity of the CPF keeping to an organised structure to avoid anarchy.
The question regarding unhelpfulness at the Lephalale SAPS charge office – whether telephonically or personally – was again addressed. “The community must realise that there is not a lot that I can do from my side unless I have a name, time and date of the incident. If we know who the unhelpful or unjust official is it will help a lot, but if we have a date and a time to go with it, then we can definitely address it” says Eloff. He also mentioned that a police official may not refuse to supply his name.
However, Eloff reminded the public to also start the conversation in the correct manner and to treat the person on the other end of the line with dignity.
The issue of permission for street parties was raised again. The first step is written approval from all the immediate neighbours, then it goes to the municipality for approval and then it goes to the police for approval. That does not mean that disturbing the peace or other inconveniences to the neighbours are approved.

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