No serious cases in Cluster — cold cases a concern

LEPHALALE — No serious incidents regarding farm attacks on smallholdings and farms were reported in the Lephalale Police Cluster during the past month, said Brig John Masia, Lephalale Cluster Commander at the Rural Safety Meeting on Wednesday 22 May.

No serious incidents were reported at any of the police stations, except for a few cases of stock theft. The Cluster was only involved in a few crime prevention activities.

Niel van Zyl of the TOOG area mentioned an incident that was reported last year where among others cases of drunken driving, reckless and negligent driving and using of a vehicle without the owner’s consent was opened, but according to Police, the cases were closed due to not finding the suspect.

The vehicle was written off. Brig Masia undertook to follow up on the case.

In the same area, there is a white Toyota Hilux driving around, stopping at farm gates, and the driver claims that they are looking for graves on the farms. The vehicle is suspicious. Brig Masia took the registration number of the vehicle and promised to look into the matter.

In the Hoopdal area, a stock theft case was reported, and one suspect was arrested. It was reported more than a year ago, but the stock theft unit still did not manage to come to the farm to investigate the case.

The farmers in the Hoopdal area also battles with illegal dog hunting.

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