No to Nyaope

Leoni Kruger
Ga-SHONGOANE — The preparation event for the One Big Family Theatre Production, a NGO, with the theme “No to Nyaope, No,” was held at Mokuruanyane Thusong Centre on Saturday 27 February. The programme started at 15:00.
Young community members of Ga-Shongoane and Mokuruanyane village gathered at the Thusong Centre to listen to the speakers who addressed them about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.
Joel Mabula, the programme director, says the community was entertained with music from local artists. Maj. Lesiba Mabote talked to the youngsters about the dangers of drug abuse. He said many young people in Lephalale are using drugs and misusing alcohol. “If you really want to be successful in life, choose a good role model” he said.
Cllr. Thulare from Lephalale Municipality was the guest speaker of the day. He encouraged young people to take education very seriously and made it clear that he is against the use of Nyaope.
Joel Mabula invites everyone to join them on 19 March 2016 at the main event of the programme “No to Nyaope, No”.

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