O, boy! Be on the lookout for Lolly Boy

The 27-year-old Koketjo Lodewyck Mathiane (Lolly Boy) from Steilloop (Ga Chere) always wanted to pass matric and continue his studies in engineering.

But, he says, God had others plans for him in mind. He failed his matric and thought he had disappointed his parents and not lived up to their expectations.

He wrote his first track, “Lekgarebe”, in his matric year and it was released in 2010.

His track was popular, and it was played on one of the radio stations.

His first track broke the ice. It encouraged him and made him realize that there are opportunities in the music industry and that a music career is possible.

Lolly Boy has considered himself a musician and Pedi rapper ever since. Lolly boy also acts as a radio presenter.

He raps in his mother tongue to represent his culture and to promote his African roots.

But, he says, unfortunately, one can not only rely on talent to be successful. He needs support and exposure to live out his talent. Although he runs a developing business, his dream to be the top Pedi Rapper never fades.

He would like to share his talent with other artists, such as Fokong from Mokopane, Mashabela Galane and King Monada.

Lolly Boy’s fans may be on the lookout for an upcoming track named “Kgotla”. “This track is wonderful, and I think it’s going to touch the people of Limpopo,” he says.

“Kgotla” was chosen following a cartoon, “Lion guard”, he was watching.

Lolly boy encourages young people to focus on their studies, to party less and to believe in the power of prayer.

Contact him on WhatsApp 073 790 5580 to book a performance.

Fans can also visit his Facebook page (Phomolo family page) to like and follow him.

His music video is also available on YouTube – “Shake by Lolly Boy”).

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