Only 20% of your garbage should go to landfill site

LEPHALALE — “Recycling should be such a part of your life that each household must take only 20% of their garbage to the landfill site,” said Joe Meyer, chairperson of the Lephalale Going Green (LGG) Forum at a meeting at Machauka Lodge on Thursday 13 February.

He emphasized that the community should be educated and the current reality in Lephalale is that the town is dirty and doesn’t comply with a green definition.
 He stated that there are weak recycling practices; the waste collection areas are ineffective; there is a lack of awareness among residents; there are not enough skips and drums in town; the equipment of the Municipal Waste Department is not reliable;
hazardous waste is still not being disposed of properly; the current landfill site is ineffective, and the Waste Management Department at Lephalale Municipality still cannot supply a downstream business plan for small businesses.
 Initiatives to create awareness among and to educate community members were discussed. Education and awareness are essential.
 According to Meyer, what the forum wants to achieve in 2020 is at least:
 Education and awareness focus for recycling at schools and communities; clean-up actions of waste areas, streets and collection areas; to see that equipment gets repaired for effective waste and skip collection; to place drums and skips to collect waste and recyclable items where required; to expand hazardous waste collection points; to identify downstream business opportunities for small business entrepreneurs at the landfill site and to clean-up the landfill site to enable a better-organised methodology and selective dumping.
 Meyer also said there should be a permanent collection area in town with a designated person to accept the recycled items.
 Hannes Botha did a presentation about the community of Fichardtpark in Bloemfontein who stood together and founded a Neighbourhood Association and how it can be implemented locally.
 The mission of the Lephalale Neigbourhood Association (LNA) is: “All property owners caring for Lephalale”.
 The vision is: “Lephalale, a place to be”.
 The objectives of the Lephalale Neighbourhood Association (LNA) are:
 To promote, protect, and advance the communal interest of its members; to contribute towards security for a crime-free town, to manage the maintenance in public areas, to represent members and demand municipal service delivery and government bodies to enforce laws, to invest for the communal benefit and to improve governmental healthcare services.
 The meeting was concluded with the statement that no-one should be allowed to the dumpsite if you cannot dump selectively.
 The next LGG meeting will be held at 10:00 on Thursday 20 February 2020 at Machauka Lodge.
 The pilot meeting for the founding of the LNA will be held on Thursday, March 26. The venue is to be confirmed.
 Hannes Botha will act as General Manager and Joe Meyer as Chairperson of the LNA. The Fichardtpark association will attend the meeting in an advisory capacity and to answer questions.

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