Outreach program to involve communities, tribe leaders, farmers, and SAPS

GA-SELEKA — On Friday 9 October, the Waterberg District Committee met with Chiefs and Indunas around GA-Seleka and Shongoane. Amongst them was the leader of the GA-Seleka tribal, Kgosi Phetogo Seleka.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring the community and the police closer together and to facilitate the discussion of specific issues.

Rural security and CPF implementation and activation was also on the agenda.

The community was urged to be the ears and the eyes of the police and to report any criminal activities taking place around their respective areas.

Brigadier Gerda Steyn, Waterberg District Vispol Commander, discussed the fact that the community no longer report the presence strangers in the communities to the Makgosi, like it was done before. She advised the community not to hire undocumented persons as workers. “It can contribute to housebreaking and theft, and related crimes. The community should be able to trust the police and to work together with them,” she said.

Lt Col Ngobeni, Waterberg District Vispol member, confirmed what she said.

Farmers who attended the meeting were concerned about the fact that some community members disrespect their properties. They cut the fence wire and enter the farm to illegally hunt with dogs. They alleged that some of the dogs are transported with Police vehicles.

Kgosi Ranare Shongwane was worried about the accessibility of Villa Nora Police station. He said some complainants get assaulted, raped and/or killed when they are on their way to report cases.

He said a portion of land at Phahladira Mall was given to the police to be utilized for a new police station, but members of the community had illegally occupied it.

Brigadier Steyn said people who do not get feedback from the detectives on their reported cases, should be aware that there is a “feedback to a complaint” form. This form is used by detectives to give feedback on. She said they must call the detective branch commissioner of that particular police station or the station commander.

Brig. Steyn gave her contact number, as well as the contact numbers of other station commanders.

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