Overall Vaalwater crime rate low — house break-ins escalate

VAALWATER — Crime in the Vaalwater/Lesideng area have been especially low over the last few months, with the exception of regular house break-ins.
“We have had lots of people reporting house break-ins on farms around Vaalwater. The thieves seem to favour unoccupied houses or lodges so that they have time to sort through what they want. We have not had problems with break-ins where there were people in the house” explained media spokesperson Constable Simon Makhuvele from the South African Police Service in Vaalwater.
“Crimes like drinking in public, drinking and driving, possession of dagga and other narcotics have been keeping us busy over the last few months,” said Makhuvele. “There have been no issues with serious crime, like murder, rape or aggravated assault and burglaries in January.”
According to the website, Safe and Sound Family, there are a number of ways you can deter burglars from targeting your property. Visible window and door locks are right at the top of their list followed with strong door locks and an alarm. Installing security cameras and motion activated lights around your house is also very important. Lastly small dogs that will bark uncontrollably and be difficult to calm down when there is someone at the door or window are recommended, these dogs need to sleep inside the house.
Locklatchl.com list a number of main deterrents in order of their effectiveness:

  1. Small dogs, in the house that may raise the alarm.
  2. Razor wire and electric fences. But beware a fence that keeps tripping as it may be the burglars trying to get you to turn it off.
  3. Alarms and security sensors especially in the garage as this is often the first point of attack to get tools for the main break in.
  4. An armed response service.
  5. An open view into the garden.
  6. Security lights.
  7. CCTV
  8. Layers of security rather than one single system.
  9. Strong doors and good locks.
  10. Active [ie not disarmed while you watch TV] door alarms.
  11. Drawn curtains, which prevent pre break in surveillance.
  12. A secure room [this would be established in the information gathering phase] for escape.

Source: http://safesoundfamily.com/ and http://www.locklatch.co.za/understanding-and-preventing-house-burglary-in-south-africa/

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