Perjury means serious trouble

LEPHALALE — Lephalale Police are appealing to the community to not waste SAPS resources and time through creating imaginary crimes and reporting them at the station.

This comes after a 28-year-old man opened a non-existent car hijacking case on Tuesday 28 May.

According to Lephalale Cluster Police Spokesperson Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena, the man told police that he was hijacked in town just a few metres from the Engen filling station at an area notoriously known for being occupied by sex workers at night.

The man claimed to have been in a conversation with the ladies of the night when he was suddenly approached by two men, whom he said pointed him with a firearm before driving away in his car.

“On further investigations, it was learned that the victim was lying when he made the second contradicting statement. The matter was then transferred to the Vehicle Identification Service Unit (VIS) who are now also aware that this was a false case.

“We are urging the community members to realise that Police use state resources and dedicate their time to attend to and open cases.

“It is advisable to refrain from this practice and be aware that it is a serious offence to lie under oath, as drastic measures will be taken against anyone who commits perjury.

“That includes calls that come in at our charge office asking our men and women in blue to attend to non-existing incidents. This can put you in serious trouble with the law as it disrupts the legitimate discovery of truth,” said WO Mokoena.

According to the law, perjury is a criminal act that occurs when a person lies or makes statements that are not truthful while under oath.

The minimum penalty for perjury can range from one year while the maximum varies between five and 10 years per charge.

Furthermore, if a person lies under oath more than once, he or she stands to be charged with many offences, which can increase either the fine imposed or the length of a prison sentence.

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