Phahladira Mall — E Tla Gae…

People were streaming to the brand new mall all day long
People were streaming to the brand new mall all day long

Ria Wells
SHONGOANE – There was an air of great excitement at the opening of the new Phahladira Mall, of which Shoprite is the anchor tenant, in Shongoane on Wednesday 24 August. Hundreds of clients attended the opening from early on and by late in the day people were still streaming in through the gates of this grand development.
The Phahladira Mall is named after David Phahladira, owner of the ground on which it is built. In his speech he extended a warm welcome to everyone who came to celebrate the day with them, after which Cllr Motlokwa from the Lephalale Municipality introduced the guests of honour. Cllr Regina Molokomme acted as the announcer during the proceedings. Cllr Jack Maeko, Lephalale Municipality Mayor, said in his address that August which is Woman’s month, is important and of enormous historical value. He added that as the municipality they feel honoured to be part of the economic revolution of which Phahladira Mall is a fine example. A slow, yet gradual march toward rural development and economic freedom. He expressed his gratitude for the fact that the mall is situated in the villages thus cutting out the distance between people’s homes and town. This development also contributed towards addressing the challenges of unemployment and he encouraged the businesses to employ local people for economic sustainability. Cllr Maeko ended with a plea to employers and employees to avoid unnecessary disturbances in the work place and encouraged workers to respect their work. “To local communities we say: This Mall is our heritage – own it and defend it against criminals”.
Charles Sekwati, MEC for the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism of Limpopo, addressed the masses and congratulated Mr Phahladira and his partners in making this dream come true. He said that Lephalale is one of the most progressive municipalities in the province and congratulated and thanked the municipality for facilitating this project.
After his speech the ribbon cutting ceremony was attended to by Maeko and Sekwati amidst the jubilation of the crowds. The shops in the mall include restaurants, beauty salons, a hardware shop, cell phone shops, Nedbank and AVBOB, a chemist, furniture and clothes shops, butchery, bottle store and an internet café.
E Tla Gae – the mall has been brought home …

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