Plasma theft fiasco

GA-SELEKA — A man in his twenties was cornered and mobbed by the community of Seleka on Thursday 18 October in a suspected television theft.

According to members of the community, the man was caught while planning to break into a house to steal a plasma TV.

In a video watched by Mogol Post, the sobbing young male is heard mentioning the name of a resident from Seleka, whom he says he works for. He is asked if the man he mentions and who he is working for pays him and his other accomplices.

One of the males in the mob is heard saying “when the man this young boy says he works for knocks at your door you easily open the door for him because you do not suspect him of any wrongdoing, but then he sees what’s in the house and sends these young men to come break in and steal your valuables”.

He is further heard saying there is no way the caught and mobbed boy can just make mention of the man’s name, who is quite known in Seleka and surrounding villages.

That statement seeks to conclude they believe in what the young male was telling them.

A woman is also heard scolding the other person in the mob for dealing with the suspected plasma thief harshly.

She quickly gets response from one of the guys near the device used to record, who says: “Hayi, when these thieves break into our homes they bring so much fear and discomfort among us. We live in fear in our own homes.”

He then turns to the alleged plasma TV thief and says: “Boy, do you see the consequences of theft? Actually these are the consequences of nyaope, you see how bad nyaope is!”

Some residents from Seleka took to social media this past weekend to pour out their frustrations about criminal elements in their area. One concerned resident said that she had a break-in at her place, where no one in the house heard a thing and that made it hard to believe there was a break-in.

Sello Jan Moselane, who spoke to Mogol Post on behalf of the Baphuting community, says the young man admitted to using a lotion they apply on their bodies to make themselves undetected or unnoticed once they get in the targeted house.

According to Moselane, the community of Baphuting gathered at Seleka community hall on Thursday around 20:00.

“While we were waiting at the hall some of the community members came with the young man, who was caught while trying to break in at a house.

The young male was subsequently questioned before he led the community to where he stores stolen staff.

In the process he told us he is working for 3 men, two from Morwe 1 (formerly Robroi 1) and one from Wyk 1.

Moselane told Mogol Post the boy confessed to selling plasma TVs at R300.

He added that the suspect admitted to also have stolen a grinder and sold it.

“But when we went to the house the suspect allegedly sold the grinder too, but the owner denied everything,” said Moselane.

Lephalale Cluster Police Spokesperson Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena says the suspect remains in custody and not on plasma TV accusations.

“The suspect is linked to breaking into a church previously and so far no one has come forward to open a house breaking case,” he said.

He encouraged anyone who has had their house broken in to open a case at their nearest police station in relation with this matter.

The suspect is still to appear in Phalala Magistrate’s Court in Witpoort.

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