Police fixing it up

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Complaints about the efficiency of the police officers and the meaningfulness behind the new law that the police are responsible for stamping of affidavits were raised during the meeting of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) last Thursday.
The question was asked why is there only one queue for people who want to have their affidavits stamped as well as those who want to lay a charge or report a crime. Some people reported that they stood in the queue for almost three hours.
“There is a lack of urgency amongst the police members and the people who wants to report urgent matters give up. We are living in a lawless society and no-one has respect for life. No-one is taking responsibility for anything anymore. No-one is showing teeth anymore – that counts for the police, the traffic officers, nature conservation, etc.” one of the CPF members said.
The new visible Station Commander, Lt. M.W. Malesela, said that they really are trying to give attention to this matter of the queue and that some of the police officers help the people with their affidavits in their offices.
On Tuesday Mogol Post received a telephone call from a very pleased community member. According to him, Lt. Malesela was in the SAPS charge office in his civvies helping people in the queue on Monday and he was there until after 18:00 to assist – even though he was not on duty. It is also been reported that all the police members were helpful and friendly.

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