Police safety tips on hitchhike

For the passenger:
• Reject transport offered by strangers.
• Always inform someone in your family about your location.
• If you urgently need a ride, make sure you take the number plate of the vehicle.
• Do not accept drinks from the driver or anyone in the car, to prevent you from getting drugged.
• Do not disclose any personal information to strangers.
• Where possible, avoid taking valuables or huge amounts of cash with you when are hitchhiking.
For the driver:
• Avoid giving strangers a lift, especially during the night, irrespective of their gender, because they might be criminals.
• If you give someone a lift, avoid accepting drinks from them and being too comfortable with strangers.
• Always be alert for any movement and have an emergency number on speed dial on your phone.
• Keep in contact with your family while travelling.
• Do not take shortcuts suggested by the hitchhiker – it is risky to trust strangers.
• Always stick to your route, do not accept extra cash from a hitchhiker who wants you to deviate from your route, because it might be a trap to hijack your car.
 (Supplied by Limpopo SAPS).

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