Positive impact of recycling visible

LEPHALALE — A surprising number of people turned up at the Lephalale Going Green (LGG) meeting on Thursday 23 May at Machauka Lodge.

Enthusiastic people discussing important issues regarding recycling

Members of the LGG, representatives of private companies, businesses, Lephalale
Municipality and Eskom, attended the meeting.

The message is clear – more and more people who care for the town are coming to the fore and want to make a positive difference. During the meeting, meaningful discussions took place on recycling, efforts to clean the town and Marapong, and encouraging people to refrain from littering.

It was emphasized that the more people realize that there is money in recycling and apply it successfully, the more the process repeats itself.

It was explained how to make eco-bricks out of 2-litre plastic soft drink bottles.

One method is to fill the bottle with soil, and the other way is to fill the bottle with non- recyclable waste like candy paper, small pieces of plastic, to then compact it well with a stick and add a runny cement mixture to it.

The ratio of the mix is four parts water mixed with one part cement.

Trudie Grobler needs bottles for a project she wants to tackle and will appreciate it if people can donate bottles for her. Her number is 082 331 4578.

Another positive aspect is that a company will remove oil and hazardous waste from the landfill regularly. The oil-contaminated soil will also be treated.

A friendly request was made that residents should not dump their rubbish bags along the road en route to the landfill site, but please take them to the landfill site and drop them there – this is one of the few things that is still for free!

Rinske Loubser of Mica Hardware said that since the recycling cage on the premises has been up, there is a clear increase in the number of bags deposited there.

210-litre drums are, however, urgently needed to enable committee members to place more orange rubbish and blue recycling drums in town.

The current recycling and rubbish bins have already made a substantial positive impact.
Recycle and reuse. It starts with you.

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