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LEPHALALE — On Saturday 23 June, Puno Business Administration hosted a Business Expo at Mogol Club in Lephalale.

The business expo focused on giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to expose their businesses.

Puno Business Administration Director, Olivia Moila, told Mogol Post that just as an athlete prepares for a marathon, an entrepreneur needs to be prepared to run a business.

“The whole idea to start PrepExpo came from realising that there is a need to prepare small business owners for bigger opportunities in their business cycle, by providing mentorship, network marketing and doing a prototype for their products,” said Moila.

According to Mathapelo, the aim was to have 25 business owners to expose their businesses. Their expectations were exceeded as more than 30 businesses and well over 130 people attended the Expo. “The purpose of the Expo was for the attendees to exchange goods, money, business cards, questions and answers and that’s exactly what was achieved. A day after the event we received calls from people who wanted to buy some of the products that were exhibited. Our mission was accomplished,” Mathapelo said.

The Puno Business Expo ran its first event in April 2017 and Mathapelo says there are plans to host it annually, as she and her team see it as a necessity in Lephalale.

“By working together, we are empowering each other and that’s what is needed at the end of the day, Legacy is about touching someone’s life.”

Speakers at the PrepExpo spoke about the importance of producing instead of consuming to sustain their businesses and sticking to the rules and not expecting support for the wrong reasons, but for great business.

One of the local speakers, Tweleb (Twitter celebrity) Daniel Marven, spoke about the power and influence of social media in building institutions.

Mathapelo says local entrepreneurs need to keep the spirit and passion for what they do irrespective of challenges they face.

“We need to work together and that’s rule number one in business. No one has ever succeeded by working alone, this I have personally experienced while organising the PrepExpo event. The team work is the best way to complete any task,” she concluded.

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