Problematic road

MARAPONG — The road surface of Relebogile Street, linking Marapong to X4 has recently looked inaccessible and not acceptable for use.

Over a week ago, motorists approaching the area were met by spilt sewerage that has filled huge holes of what used to be potholes.

Nearby are shacks that form part of the squatter camp between the stadium and RDP houses at X4.

The squatter camp dwellers affected by the sewerage are as close as 10 m from what used to be a tar road that is currently a well of sewerage.

Some had spaza shops, and as a result of the sewerage flow, they had to close shops temporarily to avoid health hazards.

Now and then potholes on the road are fixed with sand that does not last long, as it is a busy road used as another entry and exit point of Marapong X4 going to other extensions in the area.

“Lephalale Municipality is aware of the sewer spillage, which was due to a pipe blockage caused by used disposable nappies, alcohol bottles, clothing material and sand.

Furthermore, the manhole covers have been stolen,” was the explanation from the Municipality.

Regarding the delay in fixing potholes over the time and sometimes only being filled with sand, including near Marapong Clinic at a speed hump, the Municipality says they use G5 material (manufactured through crushing stones down to minus 38 mm) as a temporary measure while resolving the spillage.

“As soon as the sewerage challenges have been addressed, the potholes will be permanently covered. The sewer pipeline is located deep underground because the topography of Marapong is sandy and therefore, collapsible. The Municipality had to utilize earth moving equipment to excavate the pipeline to be able to remove the sand, and other foreign objects are thrown into the pipeline. The disposal of foreign material into the sewer network remains a huge challenge leading to continuous spillages,” they say.

Last week a motorist in a mini truck was seen offloading sand to fix the road as part of active citizenship, and at the time of publishing, there was soil extended on the road to cover the huge holes that were filled by water.

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