Race Night in Vaalwater

Mrs Adriana le Roux - winner of the most interesting hat award
Mrs Adriana le Roux –
winner of the most interesting hat award

VAALWATER — The Vaalwater community do not need to travel all the way to Durban in July to enjoy the excitement and the displays of fashion accompanying horse racing.
They have their very own Race Night hosted each year by the PTA of the Waterberg Academy. This year it was held on Saturday 24 September.
Attendees could buy horses, sponsor jockeys and bet on horses in races that were screened on the televisions of the AIWA auction centre.
Gustav Collins kept everyone entertained with endless banter. He whipped up excitement with his commentating while everyone cheered their horses on, not knowing what the outcomes would be until the end of each race.
The event was the brainchild of Laura Dowinton, ably assisted by the Waterberg Academy PTA – headed by Delmar Nortje.
Apart from the serious business of betting (on the brown horse if you wanted to win) there was also the far more important matter of fashion. This year Adrianna le Roux won the prize for the best hat, and Craig and Trish Pidduck were the best dressed couple.

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