Random acts of goodwill

LEPHALALE — A reader, who wishes to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, had two fire arm matters “pending” and unresolved for 25 years!
One involved a stolen rifle which was recovered in 1989 but handed back to him with the incorrect paper work, therefore he could not sell the rifle. It was “stolen” on the computer and therefore he couldn’t own it. Just before he took a trip to Natal to try and find the office(r) responsible at the time, he went to Villa Nora to see if they could help.
He says: “What a difference, the people there were extremely friendly and helpful and after a 45 minute phone call to the relevant office the problem was solved”.
The other matter involved an incorrect detail on his licence which again would have made it virtually impossible to sell the gun in the future. The first time he tried to have this corrected was in 1989 with a report from the gunsmith. Over the next 25 years he tried on numerous occasions but got nowhere, not even any feedback. The last time he tried was last year in Lephalale, again to no avail. They sent him to Villa Nora, what a blessing.
He says on his visit to Villa Nora he was assured that this will not be a problem as they will personally take care of it. However, because of their poor internet they will take care of it next time they go to Polokwane.
Our reader found their friendliness and willingness to help astounding and he says it shows you what can be achieved with a little goodwill.
The people who helped our reader are Rebecca Sepobane, Maggy Cheue and Mashadi Tapala.

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