Real rules for liquor licenses

LEPHALALE — A liquor license cannot be transferred to a new owner if for example a restaurant gets sold. It works on the same principle as a driver’s license. You cannot give you license to your brother if you no longer have a vehicle.
The liquor board gave a presentation to certain role players on their rules and regulations last week.
According to Thys Eloff, chairperson of the Community Policing Forum, it was very valuable and some of the issues that have been addressed have eliminated many uncertainties.
One rule that is rarely met, is that the license holder cannot be away from the premises without appointing someone who has previously been approved by the liquor board to observe in his place.
Eloff further said a list must be compiled of all the drinking places in the town and it must be provided to the liquor board.
Residents who are unhappy about the way a tavern, for example, trades and disturbs the peace, can write a letter to the liquor board for the place to be immediately closed down. If the owner doesn’t obey the rules for the selling of liquor, it must be reported. If people are misbehaving in a drinking place, restaurant or tavern or pub, the liquor board can determine that the place closes at 20:00 or the trading hours can be adjusted.

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