Recycling: good to know

LEPHALALE — Frequently people have questions about recyclables and non-recyclables. Do you want to go green and do not know the basics?

An easily accessible cage was erected at Mica Hardware Store in town for recyclables. Recyclables can also be taken to Scrap Removers in the light industrial area in Onverwacht
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Recycling is an easy way to make a difference to our environment. It saves water, electricity and eases pressure on landfills. Here is a handy guide to get you started.


  • Newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, office paper, school books, junk mail, cardboard packaging (including cereal and toothpaste boxes), toilet roll and glad wrap and aluminum foil centers;
  • Plastic cool drink, milk, juice, detergent and shampoo bottles, Ziploc and plastic shopping bags;
  • Cool drink and beer cans as well as food tins and tinfoil; and
  • Metal lids, glass jars and bottles.


  • Wax paper, wax-coated paper like dog-food bags and paper cups, laminated and carbon paper, stickers and confetti, chips bags, sweet wrappers and cling wrap. Boxes coated with wax or oils and grease like pizza boxes; and
  • Code 7 plastics such as cat-litter bags, toothpaste tubes, drinking glasses, ceramics and Pyrex.

It’s also good practice to give relevant items a rinse before recycling.

Contact Malie (Netau Recycling) at 072 418 4544 or Ellisras Scrap Removers at 083 371 2031 or 014 763 6830 for any information regarding recycling.

Alternatively contact Lephalale Going Green initiative at 082 331 4578 to get involved.

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